• 3 Hotel Websites That Use Video Effectively

  • At first glance, video marketing can seem like a daunting prospect for any hotel. So many questions can arise about production that it’s easy for hotel marketers to lose sight of the most important question:

    “How can we use these videos effectively?”

    At Accommovision, we regularly advise clients on best practices for video implementation. Here are three of our clients’ websites, showcasing some great ways to get the most out of your video marketing strategy.


    Four Seasons Miami
    Miami, Florida

    While most corporate websites are slow to add support for video, Four Seasons has made video marketing a priority by labeling all of their gallery pages “Photos & Videos”. Here, videos are seamlessly incorporated into the gallery, allowing visitors to find them as they browse through images. Everything from room tours to restaurant videos can be easily viewed in one place.

    Four Seasons Miami - Photos & Videos

    Beyond a well-designed gallery, Four Seasons has also published their videos to a corporate YouTube channel. As the second most popular search engine after Google, YouTube makes your videos available to the widest possible audience. This can lead to much better engagement with thousands of views per year. In addition, the fact that Google owns YouTube means your search rankings will benefit as well.

    Four Seasons - YouTube Channel


    Trump International Beach Resort
    Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

    Trump International’s landing page is a beautiful example of up-to-date hotel website design. It is clean, easy to navigate, and optimized for mobile. Most notably, it places a “Video Tour” button front and center. Grabbing attention with a clearly visible video is the most effective way to engage your website visitors.

    Trump International - Website

    Uploading videos across different social media platforms can add significant numbers to your audience. On Facebook alone, Trump International’s event space video is watched over 1000 times every month, and has been shared over 100 times. This is an effective tool for spreading the word, as users enthusiastically share videos of their trips after returning. If you post it, they will share.

    Trump International - Facebook Page


    Ithaca of South Beach
    Miami Beach, Florida

    With only 11 rooms, this boutique hotel in South Beach needs to do everything it can to set itself apart. Thanks to a series of online video tours, Ithaca can punch well above its weight. An overview video is clearly displayed at the top of the “About Ithaca” gallery page, inviting visitors to experience the property and surrounding neighborhood. In spite of its small size, Ithaca’s videos are watched hundreds of times per month.

    Ithaca South Beach - About Ithaca

    Under the “Rooms” section, each room category provides a detailed video tour. More importantly, each video ends with a “Click Here to Book” link, directing viewers to the booking engine. Providing a clear call to action at the moment visitors are most enthusiastic about your hotel is a powerful way to increase direct bookings.

    Ithaca South Beach - Room Tours

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