• Romanticism vs. Realism in Hotel Video

  • Marketers are storytellers. We are tasked with telling the story of our product or service in a way that entices customers to choose us over the competition. So how can we produce hotel marketing videos that appeal to the widest possible audience?

    Everyone sees the world from a different point of view. Some people are sentimental dreamers and others tend to be more practical. How can we create marketing videos that successfully navigate the unpredictable landscape of people’s perceptions?

    A good starting point is to consider the roles of Romanticism and Realism in travel marketing. These opposing 19th century movements in art, literature, and popular culture were instrumental in shaping our modern view of the world. Understanding them can lead to a better understanding of what drives people’s travel decisions today.

    Let’s begin by defining these two terms in a wider context.

    Romanticism appeals to a more idealistic view of the world. It speaks poetically and reminds us that life is an adventure. It emphasizes feelings over thoughts, instinct over analysis. Romanticism invites us to rebel against the ordinary, to seek out the exotic and rare. It embraces spontaneity, celebrating experiences that bring excitement and novelty into our lives. To the quintessential Romantic, the world is a magical place where anything is possible.

    Romanticism in hotel marketing can be found in imagery that speaks to the dreamer in all of us. It is often referred to as “lifestyle” imagery, focusing on finer details or professional models to create a more captivating scene. Essentially, this sort of imagery is INSPIRATIONAL – advertising travel moments that hotel shoppers are hoping to experience.

    Example Video No. 1 – Inspirational or “Lifestyle” video

    Click image to view video

    Example Video No.1: Inspirational or “Lifestyle” video – (Click on image to view video)

    After evaluating each scene based on primary subject, this video contains approx. 75% inspirational shots and 25% informational shots.


    Realism, on the other hand, came about as a stoic reaction to the idealism of the Romantic movement. In the arts, it is a style that strives to portray subjects truthfully and without any hint of exaggeration. Realism values hard facts over irrational emotions, investigation over blind faith. The pure Realist seeks out accurate information to help them make carefully reasoned decisions and are suspicious of marketers’ attempts to embellish.

    Realism in hotel marketing seeks to appease our skeptical side. Its images are more straightforward, showcasing aspects of the hotel experience as guests will actually find them. Wide-angle shots are generally preferred to close-ups, focusing on basic room features and amenities. To put it plainly, these images are INFORMATIONAL – giving potential guests the facts they need to book with confidence.

    Example Video No. 2 – Informational video

    Example Video No.2 – Informational video – (Click on image to view video)

    After evaluating each scene based on primary subject, this video contains approx. 20% inspirational shots and 80% informational shots.


    So how can we use this knowledge to tell a better visual story to hotel shoppers? How can we deliver imagery that speaks effectively to both the Romantic and the Realist in all of us?

    It all begins with balance. When crafting a visual marketing strategy, there needs to be an appropriate balance between inspirational and informational imagery.

    Example Video No.3 – Accommovision video

    Example Video No.3: Accommovision video – (Click on image to view video)

    This video contains approx. 45% inspirational shots and 55% informational shots.


    Videos that rely too heavily on inspirational imagery might evoke an emotional response in the viewer, but they will provide very little reliable information for decision-making. Conversely, videos that only contain informational imagery will be dull and forgettable.

    Aiming for a 50/50 mix between inspirational imagery and informational imagery will keep our romantic side engaged while relieving the concerns of the skeptic in all of us. Keeping this in mind will ensure that your hotel videos appeal to the widest possible audience.

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