• Our Process

  • Every hotel is unique. Throughout our production process, we take care to ensure that your videos represent the best of what your location has to offer.

  • Pre-Production

    Our mission is to make high-quality video production easy for hotels and resorts. From our first meeting, we will work closely with your team to understand your marketing goals, target audience, and the unique personality of your hotel. From there, we will craft a video marketing strategy in line with your priorities and branding.

  • Production

    After a thorough evaluation of your property, we will begin the process of capturing beautiful footage around the hotel. Using the latest advances in cinematography, our discrete filming crews can produce amazing imagery without disturbing your guests. We always shoot during the best possible weather, and our team will work with your various departments to ensure each area of the hotel looks its best.

  • Post-Production

    Post-production consists of 3 editing rounds for every video. We'll take care of music selection, lighting effects, color correction, graphics and more before even sending you the first draft. With three opportunities to view drafts and offer critiques, each of your finished videos will turn out exactly as you planned.

  • Distribution

    Once all videos have been approved, we will send you a series of download links for immediate delivery. We will also provide you with a detailed plan to maximize the effectiveness of your videos across your hotel website and social media.