• How technology can help your hotel videos look more cinematic

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    The news site, Vox, has recently released a fascinating video about the latest BBC production, Planet Earth II. The video uses stunning imagery to showcase how the original series created that cinematic look, and how the latest stabilization technologies are being applied to the new production. It provides a unique, behind-the-scenes look into our world of video production while revealing some of the finer points of camera movement.

    Recent innovations like motorized gimbals and quadcopter drones have brought Hollywood-level moviemaking within reach of hotels and resorts. Our team has spent years watching camera technologies slowly improve, and we are always keen to use the best stabilization tools available.

    Since 2009, we have relied heavily on Steadicam rigs to create beautiful imagery for luxury properties. Its compact size and freedom of movement enables us to capture cinematic camera moves without the aid of

    Filming a B&B with a Steadicam rig in New Zealand

    dollies or cranes. This is especially an advantage when filming hotel properties, as our camera operators can film discreetly without disturbing guests.


    More importantly, we use camera movement to evoke emotional responses in the viewer. A decision to move the camera forward, backward, or sideways can make a big difference onscreen. As camera technology evolves, we continue to add to our toolkit. We look forward to seeing where the next few years takes us as we help hotels create cinematic brand videos that are both memorable and effective. To see our latest showreel, click here.