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  • Why It's Time to Prioritize Video in Your 2018 Hotel Marketing Budget

    The hotel building boom of recent years has seen supply steadily catching up to demand in major markets around the world. How can hotel marketers continue to grow revenue as the hospitality landscape gets more and more crowded?  Driving more direct bookings may be the clear solution, but how [...]

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    Building a Content Marketing Strategy beyond 2018

    As we enter the hotel budget season for 2018, there are two simple facts to keep in mind: Content marketing will become more important than ever. The landscape for content creation and distribution will continue to change rapidly. The wise words of Seth Godin still ring true, content marketing is [...]

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    YouTube: Playbook for Creative Advertising

    Last month, Think with Google released the YouTube Playbook for Creative Advertising. This incredibly useful resource provides marketers with a simplified guide to the YouTube ecosystem and details best practices that have proven successful for other advertisers. For hotel marketers, this [...]

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    5 Videos Every Luxury Hotel Website Needs

    In today’s rapidly changing hotel landscape, luxury hotels and resorts need to do everything they can to stay ahead of the competition. Guests who choose to stay at luxury hotels are not paying for a simple bed for the night. Luxury hotels can charge much higher rates because they offer guests[...]

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    Winning Strategies for Digital Video in 2017

    The growth of online video shows no signs of slowing down in 2017. After collecting performance data from 300 publishing partners in 2016, Wibbitz has produced a useful report on the most effective digital strategies for 2017. Video content saw explosive growth on social media in 2016, and [...]

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    5 Factors of Video Viewability

      This concise report from Think with Google highlights the main factors that influence the viewability of your video ads across the web. Furthermore, these insights can be applied to video placement on your own hotel website to maximize impact with online bookers. Here are some of the key [...]

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    Best Practices: Selling Meeting Space with Video

    Online video is fast becoming the most popular way to deliver marketing content to consumers, As a result, many hotels and resorts have started producing their own videos for online display. These videos can range from a 6-second YouTube bumper ad to a 5-minute guided property tour. With all of [...]

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    Video: The 4 Pillars of Hotel Marketing

      In this eye-opening presentation, SImone Puorto of WIHP provides us with a practical roadmap to increase direct bookings. With his straightforward take on hotel marketing, Mr. Puorto breaks down his approach into four "pillars": Popularize Capture Convert Share Click on the image to watch [...]

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    Romanticism vs. Realism in Hotel Video

    Marketers are storytellers. We are tasked with telling the story of our product or service in a way that entices customers to choose us over the competition. So how can we produce hotel marketing videos that appeal to the widest possible audience? Everyone sees the world from a different [...]

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    How technology can help your hotel videos look more cinematic

    Click the image to watch video The news site, Vox, has recently released a fascinating video about the latest BBC production, Planet Earth II. The video uses stunning imagery to showcase how the original series created that cinematic look, and how the latest stabilization technologies are being [...]

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