• Best Practices: Selling Meeting Space with Video

  • Online video is fast becoming the most popular way to deliver marketing content to consumers, As a result, many hotels and resorts have started producing their own videos for online display. These videos can range from a 6-second YouTube bumper ad to a 5-minute guided property tour. With all of the different ways to produce videos, how can they be used effectively to generate more group business?

    How can we create video content that is both appealing and relevant to meeting planners?

    Here are some best practices that our clients have successfully implemented to help attract and convert more group business.


    1) Create a dedicated Event Space video to display on your website and social media

    When setting a budget for video marketing, many hotels overlook Event Space video in favor of a general Overview or “Hero” video. The truth is that both are important for building revenue.

    Without exception, our clients report that their Event Space video leads to a more immediate and measurable ROI. Neglecting to produce a dedicated Event Space video can lead to missed opportunities when working with remote meeting planners. If your competitor offers video and you don’t, you could be losing out on a lucrative meeting or social event.


    Four Seasons Miami – From Business Meetings to Weddings – Event Space


    2) Capture footage of all meeting spaces

    Whether or not you want to showcase all of your meeting space online, it is essential that you get video footage of every space. This will make your life easier during the editing process since you will have much more material to work with.
    In addition, many meeting planners may be interested in seeing video of areas that do not appear in the edited Event Space video. Filming every space will help to build up a useful video archive for future proposals.


    Digital Archive Sample


    3) Create a Digital Archive of all footage and give access to your Sales Team

    Once filming and editing have been completed, make sure you retain all footage that was taken over the course of production. After labeling each clip according to its corresponding meeting space, give your Sales Managers full access to the archive.

    Train your Sales Managers on how to effectively leverage these videos when submitting proposals. If a meeting planner has a question about a particular meeting space, a few short video clips of the space being considered can go far towards winning their business. These videos offer planners the peace of mindthey need to book with your hotel.


    Grand Ballroom – Wedding Setup – Corner to Center Long Wide Track Walk


    4) Capture footage during major events

    Even if you have already completed a dedicated Event Space video, it is very important to continue adding to your video archive. If you are hosting a unique event that shows off your catering capabilities, make sure you film it.

    To avoid disturbing attendees, have a videographer arrive and film the setup before the event begins. Capture footage of the food, decorations, floral arrangements, and anything else you feel is a unique selling point. This is the best way to show meeting planners what your Banquets and Catering teams are capable of. Furthermore, every new video clip is another opportunity to spread the word on social media.


    Grand Ballroom – Alice in Wonderland Tea Party – Long Table Long Walk


    Your hotel is always evolving. From new catering menus to renovations, it is crucial that you keep your video archive and social media presence up to date. Following these guidelines can make the difference between a good year and great year for group business.

    Accommovision specializes in producing marketing videos for hotels and resorts. If you would like to schedule a hotel tour and quote, simply contact us with your information.